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ProClaim  is proud to give back to the community that's made our success possible. We would like to welcome our new partners Clelland Russell and Joe Jakoby who's first order of business, in conjunction with the Window Ninjas, was to hold a raffle benefiting Kosair Children's Hospital. We raised $2100.00

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​ProClaim Roofing and Home Repair in Louisville, KY offers expert roof replacement, roof repair, window replacement, decks, siding, and more. Insurance claims are our specialty.​

ProClaim Roofing and Home Repair is unique in the roofing and construction industry. ProClaim never uses subcontractors. Instead, we draw from a network of local, A rated Better Business Bureau companies that have specific expertise in their chosen trades. Do you need your house painted? We're going to have a professional painter do the job. Do you need a deck built? We'll have a professional carpenter build it and, of course, if you need a new roof, we have expert roofers for your project. This is our core principle that ensures that your project will be handled by a master tradesman, uniquely qualified to handle your project, and who will accept nothing short of perfection. 

​​Our Network Of Roofing and Construction Companies

ProClaim Roofing and Home Repair is committed to offering our customers a choice of the best local roofing and construction companies.  Each member of our network has an earned reputation of excellence, takes pride in doing the job right, and meets the following criteria: 

  • Are fully insured (documentation provided upon request)
  • Have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Properly licensed (documentation provided upon request)
  • Local
  • Have a proven track record within the community
  • Are monitored by us to ensure a continued standard of excellence 

We know you have many roofing companies to choose from for roofing in Louisville. We are confident you'll be glad you chose ProClaim Roofing and Home Repair. We're going to do a great job for you!