​What is the advantage of using ProClaim vs. dealing directly with a roofing or construction company?

If you had a friend in the construction industry wouldn’t it be nice for them to manage your project?  ProClaim is that friend and more, we are professionals that:

  • Manage your project from start to finish
  • Thoroughly vet all companies within our network so you don’t have to
  • Monitor our companies and do periodic post-job inspections to ensure a continuing standard of excellence that you deserve
  • Mandate that our companies use first quality materials to complete your project
  • Offer our exclusive “ProClaim Third Eye Guarantee”                                                                                                                                       (ProClaim will reimburse up to $100 for you to have any contractor of your choice inspect our work and confirm the quality)
  • ProClaim never requires payment until your roof has been completed to your 100% satisfaction

All of this without any out of pocket cost to you. Why wouldn’t you use ProClaim might be the better question.

How much will it cost for ProClaim to handle my project or insurance claim? 

  • There is no cost to you for our services   

Why should I have my roof inspected?

  • It is the responsibility of the home owner to make timely repairs to prevent further damage, which your insurer may not cover citing negligence on your behalf. 

My roof is not leaking, is it possible I still have storm damage?

  • Storm damage is often a degenerative process that may not be noticeable from the ground or interior of the home. By the time a leak is detected water damage has typically occurred to the decking of your roof. Damage to decking is considered negligence and not covered by most insurance policies. Early storm damage detection can save the homeowner this costly expense.​

Will my insurance claim be approved?

  • ProClaim can never guarantee that a claim will be approved, but working with your ProClaim Representative your odds of compensation are greatly improved. 

If my claim is not approved what recourse do I have?

  • We can ask for a re-inspection and your ProClaim Representative will continue to work with you.​

​I was paid for a new roof before but I only patched the problem areas. Will the insurance company pay for a new roof again?

  • No. Unfortunately, if you were paid for a claim and did not complete the work detailed in your insurance scope, the insurance company will not pay again.​

My insurance paid for this roof before, and I replaced it. Will they pay again?

  • Yes. This is why you pay your premiums.

​​The insurance company has depreciated my roof, will I receive less money than required to repair my roof?

  • You will only need to pay your deductible. The repair or replacement of your roof will be fully covered and you will incur no out of pocket expense beyond your deductible. Typically the insurance company will send two payments, the first based on the depreciated value of your roof, and a second to cover the final cost of the repairs.

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